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CASE STUDY - Scope of Work (September 2017 - Current)


As a new telemedicine provider, besafemeds was developed to discreetly diagnose and treat STIs. Midwest ER doctor, Segun Ishmael, created besafemeds after seeing an opportunity for telemedicine to treat the growing problem of STIs in the United States. Exclusive PR had the challenge of raising awareness and generating buzz surrounding this new service. To learn more about besafemeds you can visit:


The Exclusive PR team set out to introduce besafemeds to both hyperlocal and national publications. After much research, the EPR team developed extensive media lists targeting the areas where besafemeds was currently available: Illinois, Florida, New Mexico, Indiana, and Missouri.

Initially the team tasked themselves with promoting Dr. Ishmael, as the face of the company. Positioning Dr. Ishmael as a medical expert gave besafemeds credibility as it was a new company. With STI rates higher than ever before, the team offered Dr. Ish as an expert on the topic, opening the opportunity to promote besafemeds in multiple different channels.

One of the challenges the team worked to overcome was the taboo nature of the topic of STIs. It is not always a subject the media is looking to cover because of the stigma surrounding it. One in two sexually active persons will contract an STI by age 25. As sexually transmitted infections are a common and growing problem in the United States, the team worked to build awareness about the issue of STIs and how telemedicine, specifically, besafemeds, can help.


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·      Windy City Cosmo (Chicago)

·      Amarna Miller (Social Media)

·      Elite Daily (National)

·      Bustle (National)

·      Nylon (National)

·      Romper (National)

·      Instinct (National)

·      Bustle (National)


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