FeeBelly | Case Study



CASE STUDY - Scope of Work (January 2017 to October 2017)

In three easy steps, FeeBelly instantly catches hidden fees and costly terms buried in financial agreements, terms and conditions statements and contracts on mobile devices. Prior to signing with Exclusive PR, CEO and Founder, Michael Asare, had just finished the development of the FeeBelly app and was getting ready to launch in the new year. The team was challenged with creating buzz around the newly launched consumer app, local and regional, in an exponentially growing market. 

Our Work:

Exclusive PR was approached with the opportunity to provide a public relations campaign for FeeBelly in the market of mobile applications through an emphasis on brand awareness, heavy media relations and a personal brand development for CEO and Founder, Michael Asare. The introduction of FeeBelly to the world was number one on our list, implemented by a strong media relations campaign to generate awareness. Carried out and continued with a precise brand strategy executed for both the CEO and his app to further develop public awareness.

Introducing Michael Asare, a Chicago tech founder and entrepreneur originally from Ghana, he had developed an app that allowed for users to choose and upload various types of contract or financial agreements where it will find keywords and let users know if there are any hidden fees. Inspired by an event that Michael experienced, when paying off a loan early and came to find out there was an extra fee for paying it off early, something many across the globe experience. Using Michael’s inspiration for creating the app and the fact that there was currently nothing like it on the market, Exclusive PR successfully leveraged FeeBelly’s uniqueness when introducing the brand.

With the launch of the app, the team created various opportunities for Michael to speak to publications and television programs about his new app. The strategic timing of executing resulted in the sharing of information to potential users from a more personal and real perspective, concurrently increasing and improving his personal brand as a tech founder and expert.

After the launch, it was a matter of continuing to share and get people informed that there was such a tool by using unique media relation outreach attempts, it was important to educate the media and their audience to know about the wide range of features and the vast number of industries FeeBelly could serve for. The effectiveness of our media relations would allow and encourage the growth of FeeBelly, with an end result of leading people to the app store downloading and becoming an active user. This was proven to our client after a major placement in the Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation, as FeeBelly experienced a 285% and a 92% increase in active users with an overall increase of impressions by 116% in the month of March.


-New York Post (Daily Newspaper)

-WGN Radio (Chicago Radio)

-Tasty Trade (Online Programming)

-Stacking Benjamins Podcast (Financial Podcast)

-Entrepreneur Podcast Network (Podcast)

-Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation (Chicago Newspaper)

-Built in Chicago (Blog)

-Chicago Informer (News Web Site)

-Ms Tech (Blog)

Examples of Earned Placements:

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NY Post - Turn Your Phone Into the Perfect Travel Tool

Stacking Benjamins Podcast - Intro to FeeBelly

Blue Sky Innovation - FeeBelly Helps Users Spot

Built in Chicago - Always Skip the Fine Print?

Tasty Trade - Bootstrapping in America: Michael Asare

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