EON Clinics | case study



CASE STUDY - Scope of Work (August 2017-January 2017)


EON Clinics is an all-in-one dental implant center with six locations throughout the Chicagoland area, Indiana, and Wisconsin. President, Dr. Rajan Sharma, has over 20 years of dental experience as a root-canal specialist, endodontist. Dr. Sharma launched EON Clinic nine years ago with the idea of creating a ‘one stop shop’ for same day dental implants.

Prior to working with Exclusive PR, the founder of EON Clinics, Dr. Sharma, was utilizing paid marketing opportunities versus earned media. The transition EON Clinics faced had a solution: hire a public relations team that would be able to garner quality interviews on the earned media side of the spectrum. The Exclusive PR team was tasked with creating a media strategy that would engage conversation surrounding EON Clinics within the health, medical, dental, and technology industry.


We developed specific public relations goals with EON Clinics in order to truly understand their needs and business model. Our first step was to develop a detailed media relations strategy to ensure that Dr. Sharma could maximize the number of opportunities for press.

It was vitally important to emphasize Dr. Sharma’s experience and customer testimonials. Dr. Sharma has more than 20 years of dental experience and how he built EON Clinics from the ground up is truly an intriguing story. Our goal was to develop a personal branding strategy for Dr. Sharma by positioning him as an experienced entrepreneur and nationally-renowned dental expert. We did this by positioning him as a local founder with publications such as Tastytrade and Technori. 

Next, our team assisted with several thought leadership and byline articles highlighting Dr. Sharma’s expertise in medical and dental technology. From there, we placed these articles in well-known dental journals with the idea that focusing on Dr. Sharma’s story also showcases EON Clinics as well. We reached out to niche dental, technology, and other trade publications to create personal branding and thought leadership opportunities for Dr. Sharma.


-Becker’s Dental Review (Trade Publication)

-Mouthing Off (American Student Dental Association Blog)

-Bustle (Online Magazine)

-The List (Online Magazine)

-Ideamensch (Online Publication)

-Tastytrade (TV Show)

-Zestnow (Online Publication)

-Chicago Tribune, Oakbrook Doings (Newspaper)

-Technori (Radio Show)

-Hinsdale Living (Magazine)


Becker’s Dental Review-EON Clinics' Dr. Rajan Sharma on dental implants & technology's role in the dentistry field

Mouthing Off- Planning the Practice You Want

Bustle- The Four Best Toothpastes for Sensitive Teeth

The List-What Really Happens When You Don’t Brush Your Teeth

Ideamensch-Dr. Rajan Sharma- President of EON Clinics

Tasty Trade- Dr. Rajan Sharma of EON Clinics

Zestnow-How to Know if You Are Ready for Dental Implants

Oakbrook Doings-Top 5 Ways to Avoid Sugar During the Holidays

Technori-This Dentist Became a Techie to Provide Dental Healthcare

Hinsdale Living- One Last Thing