Social Sparking Wine | Case Study



CASE STUDY-Scope of Work (September 2014-November 2014)

SOCIAL Enjoyments is a sparkling sake wine created by founder Leah Caplanis. This new liquor product hit the Chicagoland market in September 2014, and as it did Samantha Frontera faced several challenges as a publicist. For example, SOCIAL Enjoyments was not a household name, such as COORS or Miller Light beer. Additionally, only a limited population was aware of the various health benefits from sparkling sake wine. Lastly, the fact that this product was only available in the Chicagoland area posed as a geographical challenge.

Our Work

Samantha Frontera began reviewing the product/brand itself; and, her research revealed three key points. One, it was vital to create a brand strategy that would educate the public of the product’s history, including the founder’s personal journey that led to the creation of SOCIAL Enjoyments. This brand strategy would help to develop the public’s awareness of the product. Secondly, it was important for our media relationships to know about and understand the health benefits this product offered, especially for those individuals diagnosed with celiac disease. Thirdly and lastly, by educating the consumer, fostering the growth of their understanding, they would then begin to believe the beneficial advantages this product offered. Consequently, the consumer would then go out and purchase SOCIAL Enjoyments due to our strategic campaign delivery.

Creating and developing a story to highlight Leah’s personal journey was the key component for her successful media campaign. SOCIAL Enjoyment’s unique story needed to be told in a fashion that delivered her passion for the brand and her personal connection to the organizations that she gives to quarterly. Specifically, every quarter Ms. Caplanis donates a part of her proceeds to organizations that help cancer research, or stimulate women empowerment. This campaign pushed by publicist, Samantha Frontera, led to several media placements in blogs, magazines, and television spots within the first few months of the product’s campaign.

SOCIAL’S target audience (women 21-65) was another area of development. A client, such as SOCIAL Enjoyments, would strongly benefit from a morning or noon programming; during these TV times women could see the brand, hear and connect with Ms. Caplanis’ story, thus feeling empowered. In 2010, Caplanis was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and chose to heal holistically instead of having recommended surgery. She ate a vegan diet and abstained from alcohol, and soon she began to experience health improvements. Ms. Caplanis knew she was on the road to recovery when her doctor told her that the tumor had reduced in size by 40%!  Leah was determined to live a vibrant and fun-loving life, and wanted to incorporate alcohol back into her life. Therefore, she began searching for an alcoholic beverage that allowed her to celebrate and embrace her social side, while continuing on her holistic endeavor. However, her search failed but this also led her to launch SOCIAL Enjoyments. SOCIAL provides an alcoholic option to all women who desire to live dynamic healthy lives.

Lastly, it was imperative to make the health benefits known to bloggers and health journals. The 10.5 ounce can contains only 88 calories, making SOCIAL one of the lowest calorie alcoholic beverages available today. In fact, it averages less calories than a vodka-soda of the same size! It’s full of refreshing hibiscus-cucumber flavor and flavored sparkling saké that is organic, gluten-free and lightly sweetened with organic Stevia! Plus, at 4% alcohol by volume, it provides alcoholic refreshment that SOCIAL calls a “balanced indulgence.” SOCIAL’s main goal is to provide women with a tasty alcoholic option that leaves them feeling guilt-free and empowered, allowing them to lead active lives and meet their fullest potential.


Within the first few months of launching SOCIAL’s PR campaign strategy placement included:

·       CHICAGO SCENE (Chicago Magazine)

·       Body by Bond (Health Blog)

·       Chicago Now (Chicago Magazine)

·       Aleah Connect (Fashion Blog)

·       Columbia College Chicago (College Newspaper)

·       Small Talk (Interactive Blogger)

·       WCIU-TV (You and me this Morning)

· (Mommy Blogger)

Examples of Earned Placements:

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