Woodly Foot & Ankle Specialists | case study



CASE STUDY - Scope of Work
September 2018-March 2019: PR Campaign
November 2019-current: Social Media Campaign


About Woodly Foot & Ankle in Dallas/Fort Worth:

Woodly Foot & Ankle is a clinic that specializes in common foot and ankle injuries as well as minimally invasive surgeries. Dr. Woodly and his staff are highly trained to provide treatments and minimally-invasive procedures to those who are experiencing issues such as: bunions, flat feet, plantar fasciitis and more. The practice was founded in 2006 and now has two offices in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Even though Dr. Woodly specializes in the newest and most advanced treatment options, the practice struggled because of their lack of a media and marketing presence. Exclusive PR’s challenge was to establish a presence for the practice through media coverage and on social media platforms. The goal was to establish Dr. Woodly as a specialist in his area and also create press opportunities nationally and locally.

Our Work:

Our first goal for Woodly Foot & Ankle was to create an accessible and public image of the practice on social media. EPR created, and actively posted, content to the practice’s new Facebook and Instagram pages so that potential patients could get to know more about the practice on a personal level. Once we established a presence for the practice online, we wanted to gain media coverage so that Woodly Foot & Ankle’s name would be out in the press. We accomplished this goal by pitching creative story angles to both national and local publications in order to earn coverage. In pitching Dr. Woodly & his practice, we positioned him as a thought leader who could provide medical insight on a variety of different topics. EPR brought in press that branded Dr. Woodly as an expert in subjects like sports injuries, CBD oil, and barefoot yoga. While each media placement was focused on a different topic, each highlighted Dr. Woodly as the founder of his practice and expertise in podiatry.

Some of the Results:

●      Healthy Mom’s Magazine (Online Magazine)

●      Future Tech Podcast

●      U.S. News & World Report (Online Publication)

●      Ginger Casa (Lifestyle Blog)

●      Ideamensch (Online Publication)

●      Dallas Yoga Magazine (Online Magazine) 

Examples of Earned Media Placements (Press Interviews):

Health Mom’s Magazine - Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Little Athletes This Sports Season

Future Tech Podcast - Walk This Way – Dr. Charlton Woodly, Board-Certified Podiatrist and Founder of Woodly Foot & Ankle – New Procedures and Advanced Techniques to Treat Foot & Ankle Problems and Injuries

U.S. News & World Report - How Can I Find the Best Podiatrist?

Ginger Casa - How To Prevent Sports-Related Injuries in Young Athletes

U.S. News & World Report - Does CBD Work for Pain Relief?

Ideamensch - Charlton Woodly

Dallas Yoga Magazine - Should You do Yoga Barefoot or Wear Yoga Socks?