Mango Pickle | Case Study



CASE STUDY - Scope of Work (September 2016 to September 2017)

Named after a most popular condiment in India, Mango Pickle Indian Bistro has built a reputation of the uniquely creative taste of contemporary India. Located on the North Side of Chicago, Mango Pickle Indian Bistro is led by acclaimed Chef Marisa Paolillo. Prior to signing with Exclusive PR, Mango Pickle had yet to open up and only had a string of media mentions. The team was challenged with creating a buzz around a new restaurant in the saturated market of Chicago.

Our Work:

When embarking on our public relations partnership with Mango Pickle, it was important that Exclusive PR emphasized on a few key components throughout the campaign. First, was to develop a strong personal brand for Chef Marisa Paolillo and her journey of opening up a restaurant. Secondly, introduce the city of Chicago to Mango Pickle. Lastly, it was vital we connected with our media relationships in two stages: pre-opening and post-opening. Once open to the public in November, we projected to maintain a buzz in months to follow. All components contributing to the overall brand perception of Mango Pickle. By executing strategic tactics and leveraging the uniqueness and creativity, it would maximize public awareness and get customers through the door.

Creating a strong personal brand for Marisa Paolillo and highlighting her non-traditional journey of a female chef opening up a restaurant. As an Italian female, Chef Marisa was opening Indian restaurant and it began when the Chicago native left the United States in 2005 to live in her husband’s native country Mumbai, India.  After nine years of living in India with her husband, Nakul Patel, she came back to her home city where she worked under Michelin award winning Chef Ashlee Aubin. Resulting in a strong personal perception of Chef Marisa and allowed for several media placements within the first few months.

In order to make the campaign a success it was necessary to inform Chicago magazines, newspapers, blogs, news websites and social influencers about the unique food and story Mango Pickle had to offer to the city of Chicago. 


•   Travel + Leisure (National Magazine)

•   Chicago Magazine

•   Chicago Sun-Times (Chicago Newspaper)

•   Chicago Tribune (Chicago Newspaper)

•   Chicago Reader (Chicago Newspaper)

•   DNA Info (News Web Site)

•   WGN (Television Station)

•   Chicago Woman (Chicago Magazine)

•   Urban Daddy (Blog)

•   Chicago Restaurant Examiner (Blog)

•   Eater (Blog)

•   TimeOut Chicago (Blog)

•   12 Social influencer opportunities

Examples of Earned Placements:

•   Chicago Tribune - Naan enjoys a star turn at Mango Pickle

•   Chicago Reader - Mango Pickle is as Indian as it wants to be

•   Chicago Magazine - The Hot List for March

•   Chicago Magazine – The Hot List for February

•   Chicago Eater - The Hottest Restaurants in Chicago Right Now

•   DNA Info – Bright, Bold Mango Pickle Bistro Now Open

•  Chicago Woman - Chef Marisa Paolillo Dishes on Mango Pickle